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dia page soft


Box Part Number Part Name
No
xxx 21A1091 Tie Bar Uprated 5/8 adjustable sold as pair
US $65.00
xxx 21A1882 Lower Control Arm Bush Set(2) 1 side
US $4.50
xxx 21A1882P Lower Control Arm Bush Set (2) 1 side Poly Metal Sleeve
US $11.95
xxx 21A1889 Fulcrum Pin (Crooked bolt) Lower Front
US $35.00
xxx 21A2599 Front Subframe- Rear Mount
US $8.00
xxx 21A2624 Front Subframe- Front Mount Teardrop
US $9.00
xxx 21A530 Strut Trumpet Front Aluminium OEM
US $80.00
xxx 2A4267 Buffer under top arm
US $2.50
xxx 2A4267P Buffer under top arm Poly
US $10.00
xxx 2A4295 Distance Piece Front Inner Wheel hub
US $5.80
xxx 2A4328 Washer Dished for Tie Rod Bush
US $2.60
xxx 2A4332 Bump Stop Top Control Arm Subframe mount double bolt pre 1974
US $14.00
xxx 2A7324 Radius Arm and Front Top arm thrust washer 33.1mm dia
US $6.35
xxx 2A7327 Seal on Radius Arm and Front Upper Arm
US $1.10
xxx 2A7352 Stub Axle to Radius Arm holding Circlip
US $11.00
xxx 31G1155 Tie Bar Bush Kit (2) Std 1 side
US $2.40
xxx 31G1155H Tie Bar Kit (2) 1 side H/Duty
US $5.00
xxx 31G1155R Tie Bar Kit (2) Race 1 side
US $5.00
xxx 2G4249-1 Tie Bar each
US $25.00
xxx ACA9099 Radius Arm Support Pin
US $20.00
xxx ACA9302 Radius Arm Thrust Washer Inner 36.4mm Dia.
US $6.35
xxx C-STR630 Stabilizer Bush Polyurethane Kit
US $20.00
xxx C-STR632 Bushes lower control arm Poly Metal sleeve Set of 4
US $24.00
xxx FAM2390 Hub Carrier R/H All Disc Brake cars.
US $150.00
xxx FAM2391 Hub Carrier L/H All Disc Brake cars
US $150.00
xxx FAM2764 Bump Stop Front 1 stud only 76 on
US $17.50
xxx FAM3968 Rubber Cone as Original MS supplied Metric thread
US $90.00
xxx BKS1 Wheel Bearing Kit Front Drum Brakes (Ball bearing)
US $42.00
xxx GHK1140 Wheel Bearing Kit Front Disc Brake
US $45.00
xxx GSA388 Shock Absorber Front Monroe Std Height
US $60.00
xxx GSA388-1 Shock Absorber Front Gas shock H/D Std Height
US $45.00
xxx GSJ166 Ball Joint Set 1 Pair/1 Side
US $15.95
xxx GSJ1660-1 Ball Joint one only
US $12.00
xxx 115-000-1 Ball Joint Rover 1 Pair/1 Side
US $49.95
xxx 21A1163 Knuckle with Boot fits Front and Rear
US $10.00
xxx KGB10022 Front Subframe 76-90 Single top bolt. Pre 1275
US $900.00
xxx KGE100050 Front Subframe Tower Top Bush
US $12.00
xxx KGE100060 Front Subframe Tower Lower Bush
US $24.95
xxx LM67014 Bearing Outside race to LM67049A
US $14.24
xxx LM67049A Bearing Taper Roller
US $10.40
xxx LM67049S-0 Bearing Spacer Front Stock size
US $15.00
xxx MSK001 Upper Arm Repair kit Fulcrum Shaft
US $40.00