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Box Part Number Part Name
No
x 13H7286 Bush Gear Lever Steady Rod
US $9.00
x 13H7848 Idler Gear smaller Pre A+
US $11.50
x 13H9513 Gearbox Main/Primary Bearing 1500 Spit/Midget and Mini
US $4.20
x 21A1902 Engine Mount Std Genuine
US $13.50
x 21A1902C Engine Mount Captive Nut
US $9.10
x 21A956 Mounting Remote Gearchange to 1973
US $11.00
x 22A1018 Engine Mount L/H Automatic
US $32.00
Out of stock
x 22A319 Primary Gear C Locking Ring
US $20.00
x 22A784 Rear Seal Automatic
US $18.00
x 22A89 3rd Gear 23 teeth with cone 1959/62 848 cc with cone 3 Syncro N/A
US $80.00
x 22A917 Engine Mount R/H Automatic under Torque converter
US $50.00
Out of stock
x 22G1095 3rd Gear 21 teeth Pre A+ 4 syncro N/A NOS
US $110.00
x 22G1417 O-Ring for Detent Sleeve 22G2083 & BLS110
US $1.00
x 22G2033 Baulk Ring all gears also fits Sprite/Morris Minor
US $17.89
x 22G2083 Spring Denent for holding selector use with BLS110
US $1.20
x 22G2205 Gearbox Mounting Mini/ Sprite
US $4.50
x 22G2262 Spring for Sync Hubs (3 per hub) on 4 sync
US $5.00
x 22G278 Laygear internal circlip 3 syncro
US $0.75
x 22G317 Gearbox 1st Gear Syncro Hub Spring
US $0.95
x 22G389 Anti-Rattle Bush (gearlever)
US $8.00
x 22G833 Main Shaft 3rd Motion Shaft 4 sync pre 1979
US $185.00
x 22G849 Gear to drive 1st Motion Shaft 24 teeth..
US $120.00
x 2A3548 Nut End of 1st Motion shaft uses DAM4000 lock tab
US $28.00
x 2A3643 Circlip Outer 1st Motion Shaft Bearing to Housing
US $10.00
x 2A7062 Thrust Washer Planet Gear to Cage (no lip) Pre A+ Mini Midget
US $8.00
x 329-600 Bearing 7/32 Diaz Ball various
US $0.60
x 51K3565 Circlip for Idler Gear 13H7848
US $1.00
x 88G224 Knuckle Gear Change up to Rod change boxes
US $15.00
x 88G396 Layshaft Needle Roller Pre A+ 3-Syncro
US $3.90
x 88G549 Primary Gear Backing Ring 1962 on with tail width 1.5"
US $35.00
x AAU1815 Bearing Needle Roller 1st Gear 4 syncro only
US $24.00
x AAU1816 Needle Roller Bearing 3rd gear only (solid bearing)
US $50.00
x AAU1816-S Needle Roller Bearing 2nd and 3rd gear (split bearing)
US $50.00
x AAU8424 Bearing 1st Motion (Primary) Shaft
US $40.00
x AHU1672 Oil Seal Rod Change
US $2.80
x AHU1707 Idler Gear Bearing Larger A+
US $20.00
x CDU1563 O-Ring for Anti-Oil Leak kit MSSK050 ..Also on the inner Pot Joint to shaft
US $2.25
x CHM141 Layshaft Roller Bearing Large 4-Syncro
US $8.00
x DAM4000 1st Motion (Primary) Shaft Lock Tab
US $5.00
x DAM6486 Primary Gear Thrust Washer 1275 (With raised step fo the Primary gear to ride on) .114 to .116 ...
US $36.00
x DAM6487 Primary Gear Thrust Washer .116 to .118
US $40.00
x DAM7335 Drain Plug magnetic all Mini's
US $20.00
x DAM7485 Nut Mainshaft (3rd Motion) A+ N/A
US $8.00
x DAM8890 Primary Gear A+ 1275 29 tooth End Float .0035 to .0065 thou
US $375.00
x MSSK Gearbox Stabilizer R/H Kit
US $45.00
x MSSK001 Gearbox Stabilizer L/H Kit
US $45.00
x MSSK050 Gearbox Rod Change Oil Leak Seal Kit
US $14.00
x RPS1416 Roll Pin Gear lever Rod to the connector
US $0.29
x TSP100390 Selector Fork 1st and 2nd gear Rod shifter
US $140.00