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Four Cyl in line; 80 x 120 mm, 2413 cc; side valve; max power, approx 26 bhp

Three speed manual gearbox.

Front beam axle, semi-elliptic springs; rear, live axle, semi-elliptic springs

Drum, rear wheels only, and transmission

Wheelbase, 107.5 in (273 cm); track, front and rear, 53 in (135 cm)
Rochet-Schneider 9000 1909/14

This Lyon company made it's reputation with high quality cars for the Edwardian middle class. Untill 1909 these were large conservative chain-driven machines, built in small numbers alongside comerical vehicles

Charming survivor

In 1909, just before Theophile Schneider left to establish Th. Schneider, the first small Rochet-Schneider was announced. This had an L-Head monobloc engine of 2.4 litres, rated by the manufacturer as a 12/16, and shaft and bevel transmission. There was little out of the ordinary in the chassis or bodies, save in one particularly entrancing type - the 9000 - of which one example survives.

Odd inspiration

This "cab de ville" was modelled on the horsedrawn London hansom cab, in which the driver sat above and behind his two passengers. The car was a two seater, with half doors that swung across occupant's legs, enclosing the steering wheel and controls. From the side the 9000 gives the curious impression that the car is being driven from a rear seat. This is heightened when the windsheild provided for bad weather is lowered.

The "cab de ville" with its full weather protection in place. The two half doors can clearly be seen - as can the coachbuilder's inspiration, the ninteenth-century hanson cab

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