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dia page soft

Box Part Number Part Name
No
x 14A6466 Number Plate Hinge R/H
US $14.00
x 14A6467 Number Plate Hinge L/H
US $14.00
x 14A6740 Boot Lid Check Cable
US $7.00
x 14A6818 Outside Hinge Top R/H comes with studs and nuts
US $80.00
x 14A6818K Hinge Set outside Mk 1/2 see notes..gaskets required BMP135 and ALA7844
US $280.00
x 14A6819 Outside Hinge Top L/H comes with studs and nuts
US $80.00
x 14A6820 Outside Hinge Lower R/H comes with studs and nuts
US $80.00
x 14A6821 Outside hinge Lower L/H comes with studs and nuts
US $80.00
x 14A6833 Door Striker Nylon Buffer Mk 1/2 use with 14A6834
US $7.50
x 14A6834 Door Striker Retaining plate use with 14A6833
US $8.50
x 14A6835 Door Striker Retaining Cover
US $7.75
x 14A7057 Filler neck rubber for pre 1997
US $12.00
x 14A7270 Tread Plate Door Seals Alloy Pair Austin Mini MK 1
US $59.95
x 14A7271 Tread Plate ( pair) plain Stainless wide set
US $42.00
x 14A7387 Outside Hinge angled spacer see notes
US $2.70
x 14A7625 Number Plate Buffer
US $5.35
x 24A1834 Door Handle Boss Mk 2 Sliding widow doors
US $15.95
x 24A1835 Door Handle Boss Seal 1966-82 van & pick-up Mrk1 & 2
US $0.75
x 24G3041 Grill Finishing Strip 19.5" Long 2.5 Wide
US $25.00
x 346999A Hose Intake for Heater OE Rover 3-1/4" id
US $23.51
x 37H3043 Hinge Pin Bush outside Hinge
US $6.00
x 37H3044 Hinge Pin for Outside Hinge
US $4.00
x 37H7200 Wiper Wheel Box Mini
US $29.95
x 37H8108 Grill Surround Seating Strip Chrome (Top --28" Side -13")  Sold by the ft
US $1.00
x AJM164 Rear Mud Flap set Rover 1985 up
US $52.67
x ALA7844 Gasket Outside Door Hinge long side
US $2.00
x BMC1094 Wheel Arch Flare set 1-1/2" Stainless with inside lip moulding
US $175.00
x BMP135 Gasket Outside Door Hinge small side
US $1.90
x C-AJJ3316 Wheel Arch Group 2 1-3/4 extension kit Fibreglass w/ lip for Chrome strip
US $124.95
x C-AJJ3381 Bonnet Strap Black original works type
US $32.00
x CMZ212 Door Striker Screw
US $0.80
x CRT10004 Mirror Suction Pad Clear 1965 to 96
US $12.00
x CZA7109 Window Crank MG Mini all
US $3.95
x CZH1729 Door Handle Gasket Small Mrk 3
US $1.80
x CZH202 Door Hinge L/H Upper (Inner type) aftermarket
US $45.00
x CZH4316 Sill Centre Piece for GAW117 kit
US $6.95
x CZH701PA Window Winder Handle Bezel Black
US $18.75
x DBE10006PMD Roof Gutter Clip Black (paintable)
US $12.50
x DBE10006S Roof Gutter Clip Stainless
US $5.00
x DD1089 Sill Moulding Rubber Black by the foot 
US $3.60
x FSE10020 Cable Bonnet (hood) locking release all years
US $11.35
x GAW117 Wheel Arch Kit as fitted factory 1987 on (Plastic w/no lip for chrome strip)
US $60.00
x GFK7515 Clip for Seam Moulding Mini
US $0.20
x GFK7515-SS Clip for Seam moulding Stainless Mini
US $0.90
x GZF105A Wheel arch Moulding Full length Fluted
US $20.00
x GZF107 Wheel Arch Moulding full length Chrome flat
US $12.95
x IRS0429N Wheel Arch Flare Edge trim 1/8" lip per 1ft
US $3.00
x MS99 Grille Button set quick release for grille
US $18.95
x MSSK2103 Outer Door Weather Moulding Set..Stainless Steel with Black Rubber
US $52.00
x BMC1107 Roof Gutter Trim Chrome (5m)
US $21.39
x BMC1106 Roof Gutter Trim Black
US $20.00
x NAM6923 Accelerator Clip cable to pedal
US $2.65
x 21A2449 Accelerator Cable HS carb Longer 30" Long
US $8.50
x YXX451 Door Pull Handle Black Mini Mk 4 1985 up Rover part
US $10.00