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Instructional Videos
small TR6 Front Spring Tool
This Video demonstrates how to use our Front Spring Compressor Tool to enable the safe dismantling of the TR6 front suspension
small U Joint Replacement
A Video demonstrating installing a U-Joint in a MGB driveshaft. Though this technique can be used on most Driveshafts
small MGB Rear Oil Seal
A Video demonstrating installing the Rear Oil Seal in a Tube Type Axle on a MGB
small Mini Bye Pass
A Video demonstrating replacing the Bye-Pass Hose an a Classic Mini, also includes replacing the Water Pump
small Ring Gear Replacement
A Video demonstrating the replacing of a Ring Gear on a Flywheel. The Fylwheel used is from a Classic Mini, though this technique can be used for most Flywheel Ring Gear installations
small TRE Remove
A Video demonstrating the way to remove a Track Rod End (Tie Rod End) along with the various tools available for the task.
small v 12 engine 2
A Video demonstrating removing and repairing a Jaguar V-12 Engine
jag questions answers s
A Video answering some of the questions raised by the Jaguar V-12 E-Type Engine video
Jag drive s
A short drive in the V-12 Jaguar due to requests in the Engine video
tr6 frame title 250
Showing some history with the Triumph TR frame resulting with problems with the TR6.
TR6 hood open
How to get the Hood open on your TR6 if your Latch or Hood cable has a problem