Safety Fast Publications


The Magazine Safety Fast was a publication presented by the MG Car Club. Membership of which I believe was worldwide. (Still going now) It was published by British Motor Corporation Ltd (BMC) and printed by Nuffield Press Ltd of Cowley, Oxford. The printers (Nuffield) I seem to remember printed everything produced by BMC, their Sales Promotion, Dealer Manuals, Information Sheets etc.

It was produced every month and contained various articles regarding things of interest to MG owners, though it was possible to purchase a subscription to the magazine without being a MG Club member or MG owner. 

As I have a collection of Safety Fast Magazines spaning quite a few years, though not in complete chronological order. (Some went missing over time) I thought rather than have them sitting on my shelf, with only myself able to read them. I would post them, then anyone who had an interest would be able to enjoy reading them along with me. I will only post the articles, rather than the club letters and club information which is hardly relevant these days. I will try and post one Issue a month, though my whole collection will be eventually listed. 

I have moved the posting over to our Magazine section these links will take you that section of the site. The July edition has not yet been moved  


Issue:-  January 1960

Issue:-  July 1960